Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crazy, crazy, week!

This was perhaps the craziest week in my employment history that only indirectly involved me. So it turns out an offer had already been made to the only guy that was interviewed for the position in my lab, and let me state on the onset, that I voiced my concern about ONLY interviewing ONE person. But because BullyPI had the most powerful vote as the person funding the position, that is what was done. So when dude told me on his first day that he was going to work his old job part-time (after bitching about it in the interview) and on the second day that his old employer had offered him 35K to stay (Yep you read that right), I knew a bad decision had been made. Not only that, I found out when I just happened to run into a colleague from my old job that dude had interviewed with them too, so I surmised the reason he wanted us to give him one month before he could start was to see if they would offer him a gig and I DID tell my Supv. this before he started. But before I could tell my boss I thought he was going to quit soon (I had a midterm on Tuesday night) he resigned the position first thing on Wednesday morning. Now I hate to be a person who says I told you so, but in this case I did, LOL!! Dude was a bachelor's in Business admin major and didn't even have a two year degree much less a BS (for a job that required one?), so I never trusted that an academic environment was a good fit for a person so interested in the business side of science. I had pressed for someone trained primarily in histology but Bully PI saw all the other things he could do her eyes got big, and she decided that he would work 50/50 for her and me. The problem of course, is that she didn't tell HIM this until the day he showed up.

At the end of the day, it became clear that he played ALL of us, making his old job think he was leaving so they would offer him more to stay and on that note, I'm not going to knock the game of a person not even 30 years old making almost 100k without a damn degree!!! But what I am going to knock is how absolutely triflin' it is to lie your way into making more money. Pathology is a VERY small world which is evident because I found out about another job he was interviewing for, so I know between that and karma it's just a matter of time before his bull$hit catches up with him. But the other part of this is that I have no idea how much of an impact meeting with BullyPI on his first day had on him because he asked me what it would be like to work for her and told me he didn't get a good vibe after meeting with her. So perhaps that her acerbic personality combined with the bait and switch $hit she pulled on the guy, didn't work so well after all!!!!

So on top of all of that drama, I'm told on Wednesday that I would not be getting the salary increase I was promised and that my position wouldn't become permanent until January, which would be the 3rd delay!!! I also learned that the new guys salary was dangerously close to mine (and I'm STILL trying to figure out how da' hell a guy with out a degree and 7 years of experience is offered a salary close to mine, with my 17 years of lab experience and soon to be 2 Masters degree's??? Hate to tell ya' , but this could ONLY happen to a white male, women and minorities need not even think about it). So I decided that day that I had seen enough, and I started looking for gigs elsewhere. I made crystal clear my displeasure with the entire new guy situation and how BullyPI handled things.

Well today my Supv tells me she's going to push for a salary increase, to make my position permanent ASAP and to make me an Assistant Research Professor since another person with a Master's was just promoted to that position. Given that I hadn't slept well in the past 3 days, this was just the news I wanted and needed to hear because I had blown the dust off my CV and had started sending out a few. Now EVERYTHING must come through because if I have to deal with BullyPI in the future, it's gonna have to be when we're eye to eye professionally speaking, otherwise I'm out like a light bulb, LOL!!!


  1. Assistant Research Professor?! Awesome! I hope they get their behinds in gear and get your position and pay sorted sooner rather than later!

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  3. I'm hoping this works out for more reasons than you'll EVER know, LOL!!!

  4. Oh....I KNOW...even if I don't know! You know I'm right here with you.