Friday, February 19, 2010

Immunology on the fly?? Ummmmkay, LOL!!!

It's Friday night and thanks to the cherry mountain dew I had with my chipolte fajita burrito, I'm WIDE awake. And I also didn't take any attention meds today, so I've got miles of energy (but no focus, LOL) to spare!!!

This past week was CRAZY busy mainly because I spent 3 hours/day in traffic thanks to snow clean up...and all the nasty, in a rush, rude drivers in metro DC. I also worked some 9 to 11 hour days because I knew I needed most of today off for a Doc appt. for my daughter and because I had some hours to make up for from the back to back blizzards.

Back to immunology, because I've never had a course in Immunology, I'm learning it on my own to help me with the infectious disease (ID) course I'm taking this semester. Man, this is some complicated stuff, but I'm really enjoying learning all the new material!!! So strange it is to realize that my career in ID began in 1989 when I did research in HIV, and now some 20+ years later, I'm pretty much back to where it all began!

I don't comment much on things going on in the world, but I'm going to digress a bit here today, starting with the crisis in Haiti. What a terrible thing to happen to an already troubled country! Hopefully, with all the money being poured into Haitain relief effort, this country will finally get on it's own feet and will now loose the title as the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Another thing that caught my eye recently were the billboards put up in various large cities by the mistress of a CEO for Oracle. Man, it just seems that between him , Tiger Woods, John Edwards, and others, monogamy/fidelity is becoming a thing of the past. This is especially unfortunate for Black women who have highest HIV infection rates amoung ALL races of women. Well as a former AIDS counselor, my advice to women, especially Black women is this: unless you're trying to make a baby, it's best to use condoms, 'cause these days, you just never know and it's pretty clear that cheaters are NOT using condoms!!!

On to MCAT studying or should I say the lack thereof, because I'm having a pretty difficult time finding time to study so now I'm going to say that once/week is about all I can do and still keep up with my classes and job. Speaking of job, bully PI is still chicken hearted having not yet responded to my email thought she's communicated with my supervisor, surprise, surprise. But when I think about the prof in 'Bama that shot her colleagues last week, you start to see things a little differently. In fact, women academics can be far more horrid to deal with than the worst skin head chauvinistic man on the planet. Yeah, give me an angry man anyday...........................

All in all, I know this is practice for something bigger, what I have no idea but this is truly trial by fire!!! However, I've already concluded that in science, the further you go up the ladder the further away from the fun stuff you get. As a Physician I will have the ability to interact with patients depending on my career choice, and I can stay "just" a Doc, and leave the admin/budget stuff to others.

Ok, I'm gonna call it quits now and hit the books!!!


  1. Path...

    No one wants this for you more than me ... except of course you! Don't give up...keep after your dreams!

    I'm seriously thinking about PA school now, but only because I have 5 children. I made that choice and I don't regret it for a second. I owe it to my children and my husband to consider this.

    You...I want to call you Drpath someday, and I believe that I will.

    You can do this! Light the way...


  2. Hey Kris, As usual,thanks so much for the support!!! I still say that you can become a PA get the last kid out the door and off to college, THEN go to med school if you want! What I ralize is that when you're a Mom your schedule is NEVER your own so you have to work with and around things. And that's OK because life is ALL about choices and sacrifices! I also enjoy your blog too!

  3. I need you to start doing almost daily updates! LOL Now that I'm hitting 40, I need your inspiration! =)

    BTW, thanks for the support!