Thursday, April 1, 2010

Job part 2

Now that the second of an absolutely exhausting week is almost over, I have the time (and energy) to fill my readers in on what's going on with my job. Well I had an epiphany of sorts after my oral surgery, where I realized that working 6 days a week, checking/responding to email from home, squeezing lunch in between work and never using the 2 breaks I get per day for months on end, was driving me nuts and burning me out. BIG TIME!!!! So with the help of a close friend, I decided to really rethink what a job/career really means to me and I decided that it means FAR too much especially given the fact that a good portion of what happens on any job is out of my hands. With that in mind, I redoubled my efforts at finding a job related in some way to biological agents/infections disease (BA/ID from this point forward) and obviously living in metro DC puts me in a hot spot for related jobs. Problem is that I'd have more options if I had a top level security clearance but that will come in time.

Moving on, I'm finally on something that looks like a regular study schedule and I can't believe it took me this long to get my a$$ in gear. Of course, if I had done some MCAT review I'd feel even better, but I'm temporarily giving myself a pass on that for now.

Speaking of school, my BA/ID prof has really hooked me up with great contacts. So great that I've been given a conditional acceptance to a PhD program. Normally I'd be thrilled but because I haven't found the gig that's gonna let me get my dissertation work done there too, I'm a little hesitant about breaking out the Patron just yet, LOL!!! That, and I haven't received the official word yet (they're waiting on me to submit some additional documentation).

So again, another brief post this time due to the late hours I've been keeping with my daughter who's out on Spring break.:)

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