Sunday, April 18, 2010

Peaks and Valleys, part 2

So much for trying to sleep in today, I've been up since 6:30 for NO good reason, LOL!!!

Unfortunately, my brother/cousin STILL doesn't know what going on with him and is still dealing with rectal bleeding. Honestly, I never really gave much thought to what would happen if I ever needed medical care and couldn't get it. What I do know is that my opinion of the health care bill hasn't changed because of his situation, and my opinion is that is that I'm NOT in favor of it in it's current form. What I am in favor is protection for Physicians from morbidly obese patients being able to sue their doctors when their surgeries through 10 feet of adipose tissue goes wrong. I'm in favor of insurance companies doing away with those silly ass preexisting condition clauses and a tight rope being placed on medical malpractice suits. But that would require the President go ofter "his own" and we all know he isn't going to do that to any significant degree. Free health care for chain smokers and most of the overweight folks a saw eating at Golden Coral Friday night is NOT what I support. I say if you want to live an unhealthy lifestyle,then YOU should have to "pay" for it. It's the reason I didn't have 100% sympathy for my Dad when he was terminally ill, yet STILL chain smoking and why I feel the same about my brother. Sometimes you pay with your life for the choices you make.

Now on to a subject which is near and dear to most people's heart, their hair. Okay, in the Black community, hair can be a touchy subject as comedically illustrated by Chris Rock in his movie "Good Hair". But I got a new take on this hair issue when I went to the my stylist in February and left with about 1/5 of my hair in the sink! Turns out I got a bad perm and THIS is a Black woman's worst nightmare!!! So now I'm left wearing heavy conditioner in my hair everyday, all day for at least 6 months until my hair in the right rear quadrant of my head grows back, LOL!! Oh well, I'm just glad my hair follicles weren't permanently damaged to the point where my hair couldn't grow back. In that case, someone would be pass due for an old fashioned ass whippin!!


  1. I second all of your comments...even those about the hair! LOL

    My brother is also one of those people who feels he is owed "free" healthcare and also thinks that other people should have to pay for it. He is trained as a home inspector and is currently making a nice enough income. He works for our dad and my dad went to great lengths to find an affordable small business health insurance. My brother absolutely refused to pay for it. He can pay for his cigarettes, his regularly nights out playing pool and Texas Hold'Em, and just bought a Harley Davidson fixer upper...just not Health Insurance. dad forced the issue and simply takes the money out of his check every month before paying him. It is a relatively small amount. My brother complains bitterly about it.

    Recently, after buying a brand new pick-up truck, my brother opened the door to his truck. It hit him in the head, knocked him out and required a trip to the ER and several layers of stitches.

    I said "Phew, it's a good thing you have Health Insurance"! He got upset with me and stated that he didn't WANT health insurance. I asked him how he would have paid for the trip to the ER and ensuing observation for head trauma and stitches. His response? "I wouldn't have." And he meant it.

    I do think that health insurance should be affordable and should cover the basics for people...and that everyone should be required to have some form of coverage. No one should go without catastrophic coverage and basic primary/specialty care coverage...At the same time, I am a big proponent of personal responsibility.

    Congrats on the new career stuff, btw!!!!!

  2. Congratulations, Kim! Sounds like you're moving ahead and I'm proud of you! Keep up the great work! Sorry to hear about your relative; I hope someone takes enough of an interest in his condition to do what is needed for what appears to be the obvious... And, oh, about the hair thing, girl, when you look at the periodic chart, remember, calcium hydroxide ain't nothin' to mess with (smile)! Take it easy and keep moving along! - lpressley

  3. Thanx Kris, yeah medically reticent relatives are a real challenge but these days, I'm learning more and more to just accept the decision people makes for their lives without becoming a co conspirator in it, if you know what I mean.

    Hey Lori, yep I think my days of chemically processing my hair are slowly coming to a close, LOL!!!