Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Director that was............

So, we're in the middle of packing for the movers who will be here on Sat afternoon and we're also having furniture delivered to the new place tomorrow. Man, what a week it has been!

I found out today that I will NOT be graduating tomorrow and that's cool since I'll get to delay repaying those student loans while I put more work into my independent study project. Plus, I absolutely LOVE being a student at one of the best Universities in the US, with associated perks out the "ying yang", LOL!!!

Other news, I learned yesterday that I will likely be replaced by...drumroll please........... by a freakin' Pathologist, which obviously makes sense because beyond medical histo and patho, I haven't been formally trained to read slides. But man, on one level I see my "demotion" to Supervisor as a message from God, reminding me that I MUST stay on task if I'm going to reach my professional goals. On the other hand, I had really started to get the hang of things, especially the political ones, so I'm actively looking for a similar position in the area. Sure, my current gig is flexible, but with this change my main reason for hanging in there despite being about 18K UNDER paid, having promises made and broken about when my position would become permanent, is COMPLETELY gone. Now this change hasn't been set in stone yet and that's good because my plan is to be in a similar position before the shit hits the fan so to speak. I could be wrong, but I'm VERY concerned about how it's going to look to prospective employers to see my CV read Manager, Director, then Manager again, in the same lab. Yikes!!!!!

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