Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No more Starbucks?

The other day I finished what will likely be my LAST cup of 5$ plus coffee. Why, because after YEARS of looking, I finally found a great white mocha flavor that tastes great in coffee. The brand is called Torani and I ordered it from Amazon. Yeah, I'm so high on white mocha right now I could just keel right on over in a sugar induced coma, LOL!! Of course, the 55 calories per tablespoon and the fact that I like my coffee very sweet, means that I'm gonna have to exercise extra hard to get my "starbucks belly" from getting any bigger, LOL!!

Other happenings, the task of unpacking boxes and getting the house in order is under way and has left me feeling completely exhausted. In a way, I feel myself getting a glimpse of my future as a Resident, where when I go to bed, I'm thinking about the one zillion other things I need to be/will be doing, so my mind won't let me get a good nights rest.

Today I'm at home because my daughter was ill with some sort of GI thing and had a slight fever on yestersday. And I'm sure my Supv isn't pleased, but hey I gotta do what I gotta do where my kid is concerned. Speaking of job, I guess you could say that in some ways, things are really getting crazy. I mentioned to my Supv my plan to attend a series of Neuroscience lectures at the school where I work, and she asked me why I was attending, as if this was the first time I'd ever attended a seminar. What I want to know is since when does a Scientsit have to explain why they're attending a lecture? Well the answer points back to Bully PI, the money she's invested in the department I work in, and her very obvious and almost flagrant characterization of me as "just a tech". Which reminds me that this is by far the most political place I've every worked in my entire life! I deluded myself into thinking these folks would be "different" and they are when it comes to many things. But the bullshit is still the same, whereas in industry it was a dark brown, here it's more "green", but all stinks to hell and back!! Anyway, I'm chalking it up to yet another life experience since no matter where you go, there's bound to be some level of BS around.

Job BS aside, these days I'm really enjoying the supplemental training I'm getting in Histology (which I'm personally funding)and I also applied for a PRN position as a Surgical Pathology Assistant at a local university hospital. Now that I'm essentially done with classes for a while, I need to do something to occupy my time so if this gig comes through, and I should have a decent shot as I know and have sat in on sign out with a few of the Pathologists, then I'm going to go for it!! I guess you could say that my life seems to reek from all directions with things relating to Pathology so I'm going to ride this wave until the next one comes along!! :)

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