Saturday, May 1, 2010

You're either going to work or go to school.......

The first time someone in a position to make a difference in my future said the words in my blog title to me, I was about 23 years old with an overall science GPA of about 2.2. I also cried for the next 2 hours straight!!!! On Tuesday, I heard those words again, this time from my beloved graduate advisor (yes, I used the the word beloved because he's the best) except this time, instead of crying, I conceded he was right and vowed to put myself in a position to do just that (I also have a far higher GPA now too!!). The thing is that if life circumstances force me to decide to focus on attending school full-time, it sure as hell won't be an ANYONE's PhD program. So guess what this post is all about, yeah I know, I've said it plenty of times before, but with the recollection of just how difficult it is to work a demanding job and make great grades fresh on my mind, I'm gonna make a plan for med school and stick to it if it kills me!!!!!

So Fall 2012 is the date I'm setting to matriculate in med school, with my MCAT prep to start in earnest this summer, NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!

In the meantime, I'm going to focus on fine tuning my pathology skills till they're razor sharp. So what happened to the ID stuff? Well, those opportunities disappeared like a fart in the wind, THAT's what happened :(. One PI realized he didn't have the funding support and the other decided to go with a PhD (Oh $hit, not this again, LOL). So between this, my failure to kick ass in all my classes this semester while working a job that keeps me on my toes, I've decided to go in the direction that the wind is blowing in rather that "fight" it.

I also attended 2 Neuroscience seminars this week and I was just blown away by what I learned and my ability to understand exactly what the presenter was speaking on. Of course, this Neurology thing isn't the first time I've mentioned it on my blog before and I still think studying an ID that affects the brain would be mega cool!!! It just doesn't look like the Neuro/ID thing is going to happen so for now, I'm still on the Neuro path which was set for me the the nature of the fact that 50% of my customers are conducting research in TBI. That of course means, that Bully PI and I are gonna see each other a LOT in Neuroseminars and other Neurology related events. Great! So, I've decided that I'm gonna make sure my knowledge in this area is so tight she's gonna think she's dealing with a Path resident doing a fellowship in Neuropath, which I have ironically been asked a few times by customers in the lab. And living with in commuting distance of one of the best Neuropath programs in the US (Hopkins), means that everything I need to become highly knowledgeable in this field is easily at my disposal.

In other news, my mothers visit hasn't been as stressful as I thought it was going to be, but that was mainly because I haven't seen her much, LOL!! We did spend the day together today and I'm exhausted, but we managed to have some fun for a change. Of course, an afternoon at one of the best outlet malls in the US doesn't hurt either, LOL!!!!

Finally, just want to briefly say RIP to my SIL Dr. Audrey B. May you have more peace in death than you had in life.....................

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