Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Amendment to MCAT study plan

So after 3 days of reviewing, I've decided that the new study plan is as follows. I'm going to review 1 chapter each week of General and Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. I'll also complete 1 chapter of the EK verbal reasoning book. On Sundays, I'm going to take a 1/2 of a full length MCAT exam based on the older MCAT exams (which I already have), reviewing both right and wrong answers.

FYI, I'm primarily using TBR for all subjects except verbal and Biology where I'm using EK. I've also got my 1001 EK questions in each subject on "stand by" in case I need some extra practice.


  1. Go Path, GO! You can do it! I will be posting cheerleading posts often. This is going to be your last MCAT and before you know it you will be posting about your letter of acceptance!


  2. Hey Kris, thanks for the boost! I'm gonna need it to stay focused and on track!