Monday, May 31, 2010

Countdown to August 19th, 2010

So as the pic indicates, I'm studying both General and Organic simultaneously. Yeah, it may sound a bit crazy, but I think I can do it based on how the TPR lessons are organized and how easily the Chemistry stuffs tends to come back once I actually get started. The plan is to complete my General and Organic review in June, combine Physics and Biology in July, while also completing verbal exam questions daily. On the weekend, I plan to take a full length MCAT knowing I haven't reviewed everything yet since ultimately taking the MCAT is the goal (DUH!!). And I also need to make sure that I go thorough every AMCAS exam that's available before I actually take the exam.

Helping me stay motivated beyond the obvious are thoughts that one day, years from now, I'll be preparing to take STEP 1 during this exact same time frame. Years after that, I'll be preparing to take Step III during this exact same time, since Pathology is still my number one residency choice and taking STEP 3 while the clinical stuff is still fresh right after med school seems to make the most sense to me. Some years after that during this time, I'll be finishing up my fellowship and taking my boards in: Neuropathology, or Neurology, or XXXXXX?? Either way, I'm getting the sense that studying for major exams in May/June is gonna be my MO for some years to come, LOL!!! At least, that's the plan!! :)


  1. would you give a thumbs up or thumbs down on those review books? and what (ballpark) have you gotten on previous mcats?

  2. So far, the TBR review books are the best I've used and I've previously used Kaplan and EK. My first MCAT was in the high teens, my highest score was high 20's and there are ~ ten years and 3 exams between my low and high score. This go round, I'm shooting for 30+ :)

  3. okay. thanks for the feedback. i'm still slugging through orgo for the 1st time. haven't yet taken the mcat and pretty freaked out about it!