Thursday, June 24, 2010

Putting a Bully PI in it's place

Step 1 - Lab director creates a novel protocol (that she should have at least tried to publish months ago).

Step 2 - Bully PI wants copy of said novel protocol to put in it's paper, without of course, acknowledging that it was written by me and came from my department.

Step 3 - Make appointment to speak with EEO office at job.

And there in a nutshell is how my life is going these days. Tell you something about some people, especially butch acting females in positions of power. They can be far worse than ANY rabid dog you've EVER seen.

So having it communicated to me that if I don't give it up I'll loose my job, I've decided that NOW is a good time to exercise my new attitude for standing up for myself for once and for all against Bully PI. Now, you may remember that I mentioned how bad it can be to work for people who are motivated by money ie in big Pharma but what I'm learning military style, is that working for people who are motivated by being promoted can be just as tenuous.

All that can be said now is that I guess we're gonna see how this all plays out, because that doormat position I've taken numerous times in my research career where my ideas were stolen from me, is no longer a position I'm willing to take. In this situation, I've quadrupled the amount of money my department makes in a year, they now offer services they didn't provide until I came on board, and on the side, I developed a novel staining protocol. I was promoted twice since I've been there a little over a year right now, and I have very good working relationships with the PI's where I work, lemme reword that, with one frequently noted exception. In other words, my shit is more than together on this J-O-B and if the end result is that I get fired because I'm not gonna be shit on by Bully PI anymore, then so be it. But Imma raise holy hell on my way out the door!!!!!!

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