Thursday, June 24, 2010

You gotta know when to walk away........

So after speaking with my advisor from grad school, I decided to send my Supv the protocol for her to do as she wishes. But I'm also going to pursue the harassment/bullying issue too.

Now, I'm fully aware that doing so will not change one bit the ire bully PI toward's me now and in fact, now that she has what she wants, I may REALLY get the boot sooner than I ever imagined!!!!

Oh well, all I know is that God has continually had my back in the long run in situations like these, so I anxiously await my new employment opportunity!! :)

And again, to ANYONE considering getting a PhD without also getting a clinical doctorate like an MD or PharmD, DON'T unless working is a sea of constant bullshit is your cup of tea!!

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