Friday, July 16, 2010

Earthquake in Maryland?

So I wake up this morning to a magnitude 3.6 earthquake, pretty much in MY neighborhood!!! I thought is was a gas explosion at first, so I surfed the web from my iTouch then proceeded to go about my normal morning activities and later got confirmation from the news of the earthquake.

Other news in my life not so good, that "funk" has finally been "defined" and culminated in my attendance yesterday at my godmother's funeral. Besides the fact that I hadn't talked to her in years despite living only about an hour away, the last 3 words she said to me the last time we did talk was "finish medical school". Now I'm not one of those people who is prone to having regrets about the things I do, but where she is concerned I have a TON!! Besides the fact that her breast cancer from many years ago came back VERY aggressively, she kept it a complete secret from almost everyone except her 2 sisters (why do Black women do this 'ish?"), I kept promising myself I would go visit her more often and never did what I kept saying I was going to do. Like a lot of people, I assumed I had plenty of time since she was 68 years old and had only had one serious illness in her entire life. Well, I guess this is one of those times where you really should do/say whatever you feel in your heart to say to people you care about or do, because you never know how much time you or them have left to say/do something.

What her death did do was completely remove the "questioning medical school funk" I had been in, although you can't tell by the amount of MCAT work I've completed this week, LOL!! But because I may have some BIG changes in my life where my time is concerned, I suspect that I'll have PLENTY of time to get what I need to get done by Sept. 9, 2010. Now normally, I'm not so secretive about things like this but this time I need to be until I everything becomes official. But if you've followed my blog closely enough, it probably isn't hard to figure out!!!

I'll post my MCAT progress this Sunday!!!

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