Sunday, July 25, 2010

Surgery part 2??? S^%$!!!!

I'm scheduled to have another "female" surgery this Friday and with my family history, I'm a little nervous about it (please read between the lines until I get some conformation, then I'll update). Of course, my Supv's VERY callous response to my having to be being out and I quote "well, I'm trying to make money here, who's gonna run the lab while you're out" had me seeing red, but then I remembered that God is prepping me for something else and I just may know that that something else is REAL soon. I also had a LONG term project at work FINALLY work out and the PI involved was very pleased, but not nearly as pleased as I was!!. Ironically, I've got more work than I can handle in the lab and my intern will be leaving in a few weeks, so I don't have any idea how this is all going to play out. I just know that it looks like it will probably play out without me, LOL!!!

So given the numerous doctors appointments I had last week getting ready for my big day, I only got one chapter completed in the Orgo 2 book, but I did amazing job on the verbal exam I took scoring an all time high of 13!!! I don't want to get too excited too soon, but I'm really hoping this upward trend lasts. It's so strange, I'm looking at these problems from a different angle before, focusing less and less on looking for trick words and other useless crap, and staying more in tune to what the author's main message is. I also find it hard not to interject my own thoughts into what's being said/asked which is what the test designers count out since most type a premed types are also very highly opinionated, LOL!!! Then it occurred to me that the reason the verbal section is such a good test is because you have to learn to put your own preconceived notions about what the author is saying and focus on what he IS saying. I'm thinking this helps keep doctors from making wrong diagnosis by training them to focus on what's there (patient presentation) NOT what you think is there or what was there based on some previous experience. Yeah, easier said than done, LOL!!!

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  1. Great blog! I am also a non-traditional taking the MCAT this year, so I can relate with you on a lot of your posts. Good luck with the MCAT, I'll be taking mine end of August (I hope).