Thursday, July 29, 2010

GREAT news and propofol??

I'll start with the the not so good news. I've decided to postpone my MCAT until January 2011 (because there are no more dates after ~Sept. 10 until then). Well maybe that's not a not so good news scenario because I'll still be on track to apply to med school next summer. But given everything that's going on in my life and my inability to focus, I needed to give myself more time to get this thing right for the LAST time!! I will however, still post my progress weekly.

More bad news, earlier this week, my intern royally screwed up in the lab and I was summarily blamed for it (all she had been asked to do was put solution A into pot 1. Instead, put solution 2 in the pot and ruined 2 days worth of work). Now this was a task she had done many, many times so I had no reason to think the last time would be any different. Anyway, my Supv's reaction to me and to her was BEYOND foul!!! Now, I no longer have help in the lab because my Supv in her infinite wisdom, has all but banned her from being there. So I talked privately with my student in an effort to save her self esteem and told her that she made a serious mistake but like most people who have worked in lab settings, she could recover from it IF she put in more effort into focusing on what she's doing. We'll see what happens there!!

So what's my great news? I've been offered a new position as Lab Manager in Pathology for another Gov't agency and after I clear the background check, they'll send me the formal offer, hopefully next week!! I'm so seriously stoked about this new gig I don't know WHAT to do, LOL!! And I'll be so close to that elusive six figure salary I can smell it, but most importanly, I'll have a gig in a lab with a B-E-A-utiful view!!!

Lastly, I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for my small dose of propofol at around 11:00AM tomorrow and so far, I'm doing a pretty good job staying calm. But for some reason I keeping thing about what would happen if I went into a coma during the procedure and woke up 10 years later!!!Personally, I think I've been watching too many movies about this kinda thing which is exceedingly rare for a person in general good health as I am. Oh well, it truly is in God's hands and at this point, I'd like to think His plan is that I enjoy that new office with a view I'll be sitting in, in about 3 weeks!!

And thanks to all my readers for the support and well wishes!!!!


  1. Hi Path,

    It has been very helpful following your MCAT prep this summer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Congratulations on the new position! Good luck on your surgery!