Thursday, August 12, 2010

The coalescing of life

So today, I received my the Pathology Informatics book, written by the Yale Pathologist who's the designated Pathology Informatics guru, and while it's proven to be VERY interesting, it's a LOT like reading another language. And not just any other language, but a language like Japanese or Chinese which can be extremely difficult to learn!

I ordered this book after I was added to the list serve of folks who are members of the Association for Pathology Informatics (API). This allows me to see all the emails back and forth between it's members, primarily Pathologists, as they discuss any and all issues related to this growing area. And talk about being a fly on the wall, I absolutely LOVE it as much as I loved being the fly on the wall during sign-out! I'm getting a real flavor for the field, it's challenges, and issues not to mention the access to mentors galore! So while reading the first few pages of the PI book, I came across the image I have posted with this entry and ironically, MANY of the ares which "feed" into the Pathologist in the center, I've already "covered" career wise. Epidemiology, check! Pharmacoepidemiology, check! Proteomics, check! And on and on and on!!! So after thinking about this chart for a minute, it would appear that my career path has been a LOT like circling the bullseye, LOL!! And I'm thinking this should make me a hellva Pathologist one day should I stick with the field (which really seems likely, but I'm trying to keep an open mind).

Anyway, this was just the push I needed to get my self in gear since not only have I not exercised ONE day this week to any appreciable measure, I also haven't done more than an hour or so of MCAT review. Of course, I hadn't really felt all that great either at least that's my excuse, but my doctor told me at my follow-up appointment today that that was normal. Speaking of that, with a family history of breast/ovarian cancer on my Dad's side, I'd been concerned that I had some serious ovarian "issues", but it turns out that it was nothing more than benign endometrial cysts on my ovaries. And I thought about posting a pic of that, but I'm choosing not to ruin anyone's lunch/dinner today!

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