Monday, August 9, 2010

"Trust everyone, just not the devil inside"

It turns out that more often than not, mother does know best!! My mother and sister both warned me that given all the things my old Supv put me through that I should just focus ONLY on my recuperation and leave the past behind. And it's not that I didn't believe my old Supv could be a super, duper devious snake, I guess I just hoped that something resembling morals would somehow shine through.

So when I was informed by my contracting agency that my old Supv's reaction to my resignation was to inform security that I would somehow be a "threat", "irate", and "irrational" when returning to pick up a few items and to return my ID's, I could only nod my head in belief that my Mom and Sister had been exactly right. Now, I'm just trying to figure out exactly what it is I was supposed to be a "threat" to, but I guess after the black guy went ballistic in CT last week over the racism he experienced on the job, maybe all of the sudden any black person quitting a job is seen as a Psycho negro these days, LOL!!! Oh well, turns out my decision to not return to pick up a few personal items was in my best interest and I'm VERY fortunate I have such a good relationship with my company rep who has agreed to do that for me.

Despite this insanity, I do have some MCAT verbal progress to report, scoring a "9", and realizing that I'm soon going to run out of practice problems to do, LOL!!! Of course, that's a drop from my high of "13", but given I hadn't done a passage in a couple weeks, I'm OK with that score for now. I'm also going to get back on the Science review wagon this week, and will post my progress next Sunday!

Needless to say, I'm so looking forward to moving ahead with my future and my new gig and over the weekend, received the info for the Pathology Informatics training I'm going to in October. Looks like my new employers are already following up on their promise to support my further education in this area, so I'm obviously more than pleased. Computers are here to stay and their influence in the field of Pathology is just getting hot, so these are going to be VERY exciting times in the future!! Speaking of that, I'll have to review my histology for my new gig since I'll work with alomst every tissue in the body, and like my old job, there's gonna be a whole lotta brain too!!!

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