Saturday, September 18, 2010

Path residency is easy? WTF???

One of the really cool things that's happening as I get older is that I find myself having no problem at all NOT engaging in activities that waste my precious time. And after reading the titled quote on a web site for women premeds through Attending, I'm slowly starting to realize that I'm running out of places on the net to spend time, LOL!!!!

I've always wondered why people are so insecure as to downplay certain medical specialties as if that somehow makes them smarter than any other doctor. Yet, I've heard this from both Pathologists and medical students interested in Pathology, that their classmates/colleagues really look at Path as the step child of medicine. That is until it's YOUR tumor or that of someone you care about, that need's to be accurately D'xed. You know its a funny thing about being an idiot, you often don't realize how big of an idiot you really until it's really inconvenient, LOL!!

Speaking of idiots, it looks like Podlabs are finally getting their comeuppance thanks to the work of the ASCP, that's the America College of Clinical Pathology, which has been slightly successful getting those strip mall type places that claim expertise in all areas of Pathology, shut down. Just as Pathologist aren't "real" doctors, the work they do can done by anyone with a set of eyeballs and a good microscope! Of course, I've observed this for myself many times over the past 1.5 years with the Bitch PI at my old job who claimed to be a Neuropathologist with only a PhD in Biomedical Science. Now, one of the PI's I work with in my current gig actually calls herself a Pathologist though she's only completed a Preventative Medicine residency. My question is, how in the hell have Pathologists allowed this 'ish to go down???

Other news, the devil Tech appears to have decided to put her pitchforks down at least for a little while and is suddenly being real nice.Of course, we went through this before so I fully expect frankenstein to turn back into herself any day now. Which has me thinking, why do so many people seem mad as hell all the time? Life is too short for that!!!

We also interviewed what I'm calling a Jim Carey Pathologist and what can I say, I think he's a cool dude! He's boarded(Path boards are some of the hardest to pass, contrary to what "real" doctors think), has a PhD, and is young and hungry!! Of course the downside to all this is that he may be one of those super duper work alcoholic types, that expects everyone around him to do the same. The good news for me is that I don't have to answer to him and in fact, he's being given space in MY lab, LOL!!! Let me stop acting like I'm on a power trip, I fully understand that it's a good idea to have positive working relationships with EVERYONE I come in contact with, while making sure they understand that we're colleagues .

MCAT study is going pretty well, though I've pretty much had to start all over again in general chemistry (can't figure out why organic "sticks" so much better), relearning everything I did before. But I'm happy to say that my careless errors are slowly but surely starting to become a thing of the past!!!!

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  1. "...You know it's a funny thing about being an idiot, you often don't realize how big of an idiot you really are until it's really inconvenient..." Funny but true!