Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I survived!!!

So my Mom left yesterday and overall it was a very good visit. Of course, I didn't see her everyday (she stayed with a friend that was visiting from overseas) so I have absolutely NO PROBLEM admitting that that was part of the reason her visit was so good, LOL!!! And I've almost got my kitchen back to normal too!!!

MCAT wise, I've redone Ct. 2 Chemistry and could only score an "8" (too much theory for me), so I've moved on to Chapter 3 in the TPR Chemistry 1 Book. And have I mentioned how very helpful these books are, LOL??

Jobwise, well let's just say that if you sling enough shit around, it's bound to hit the fan sooner or later as was the case with one particular co-worker. But I'm a strong believer that what comes around, goes around, and that people should really think before being a butthole. That said my "microenvironment", which the recently departing Pathologist reminded me before he left is fairly critical to having a half-way decent working environment, is as best described as dead, as in dead like a morgue, highly toxic like the waste coming from a nuclear reactor. And those are the words I'm choosing to use without a few choice explicative thrown in for good measure, LOL! So how am I surviving? Well first there's the handy, dandy iTouch which I place in one hear while leaving the other one open so I can hear when folks speak to me, which is about 3 times a day in an 8 hour shift. There's also the fact that like my old gig, I really, really, REALLY, LOVE what I do and that's always a HUGE help especially in challenging situations like these. Then there's the fact that technically I'm an only child, so I am quite used to having no one to talk to for long periods of time!! But I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a point last week where I was VERY pissed off and angry about this highly negative "microenvironment" I'm working in. Then I reminded myself, what am I gonna do when in 3rd year, I come across a toxic nurse or two? Or what about the surgical attending who has it "in" for me for whatever reason? Tell ya what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna find a way to have peace and be successful in a hellafied environment. Then I'm gonna brush my shoulders off Jay-Z style, and keep it moving to life's next challenge :)!!!

PS-The only thing worse than an "Eggplant" is a dirty, rotten, stinking, "Eggplant", ROTFLMBAO!!!!!!

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