Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The title says it all, I'm just really at a bad place these days. The gig is just so-so and at the end of the day I just wish I worked in a different "situation" (and as a Dr.). The problem is that I can't think of what kind of people would be "good" to work around, just that when I worked in professions that required work with the poor and/or unfortunate, it was far more rewarding from both a personal and professional point of view. Of course my pay was minimal, but at least I was happy most days!!!

I also realized the "error" of my thoughts 5 minutes after I posted previously because at 44, I have absolutely NO intention of trying to reinvent myself now outside of going to med school. And on that note, my mind is wandering all over the place from Neurology to Family Practice/Preventative Medicine. So while I know I'd enjoy patient care most days, the paperwork/malpractice/reimbursement aspects of it is a HUGE turn off!!! But a research/clinical appointment at the NIH would be a dream come true no matter which field I specialized in.

My daughter is now 1 inch taller than me (and I'm almost 5'8" tall), so we're having frequent "showdowns" in these here parts, LOL!!! She also now has a "friend" who just happens to be male, tall, and cute that she met in Honors Geometry. And I wouldn't be a Mom if I didn't mention that I'm certain the B+ she earned in this class recently could easily have been an "A" if she wasn't so distracted. So here it is, the teenaged years and if I'm lucky, I'll survive!! :)

One last thing, I'm REALLY enjoying the Wii!!!!!

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