Saturday, December 18, 2010

Patellofemoral what?!?!

Yes everyone, Path201X is getting old, LOL!! Now I've known for a while that one day my knees would give me problems but since I kept my weight well within normal ranges over the years and regularly exercised, I figured I had at least another 15 or so years before I started to have REAL issues. But that was not figuring in the fact that my knees ended my track career back in the day and I recently slipped and fell in the bath tub. Now I'm wearing knee supports, icing my kness everyday, and applying a topical NSAID for relief. Oh yeah, I've also retired my stiletto's (for now) in favor of my wide foot Ascic's walking shoes!

Funny thing is, I was just "debating" with a close friend of mine of why my going to med school in my late 40's is a great idea until she reminded me that while I say I'm going to work until death, I may or may not be healthy enough to work at all in my 50's and 60's. And tomorrow I could hit by a Metero bus, what da' hell, who lives their life worrying about something that may never happen? Certainly not me, but this knee thing does have me thinking but NOT about giving up on med school.

It has me thinking about how after 5 years of being focused on nothing but Pathology and going as far as I can go careerwise without an MD or PhD, that it may be time for me to reinvent myself. Well, kinda sorta, I'm looking again into environmental health, toxicology, risk assesment, ect (yes, the adult ADD strikes again, LOL!!) Thing is if you've been reading my blog long enough then you know that 1) I've already got half the credits needed for an MPH and 2) I was accepted to a program in Environmental Health back in the mid-2000's. So not quite left field but certainly different from Pathology in so many ways! But it would be a VERY good use of my degrees in Pharm and Chemistry!!! Of course, finding out that a local university offeres a part-time doctorate program in this field has also peaked my interest, but that would likely require a job change and lucky for me, my degree collection could make this happen, although I can't fathom a guess about how long it would take. Of course, I haven't fogtten about Pathology Informatics particularly because I'm good at it, but it just doesn't excite me the way hard core science does. I mean really, do I want to be stuck to a computer all day long especially in light of my knee problems? Probably not!!!

Well again, that's just me thinking out loud in my blog, searching for something to fill what's obvisouly missing in my current occupation besides working around "people, people".

MCAT study still on point, though I don't have any test results to report. This week has been Chemistry review and I'm just about done with the first TBR Chemistry book finally!!! Yeah me!!!

Okay, I gotta go ice my knees now!!!! :)

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