Sunday, December 5, 2010

Long time, no post??

My, my how time flies when you're having fun??? Nope, I can't say that life has been all that "fun" these past few weeks with my job being the largest source of my "angst". These days, I'm realizing more than ever just how much it means for a place to have had 8 different employees in 2 years, 5 of whom were pathologists (and of course, I didn't find this out until AFTER I started this job ).But then again for the past few years, complaining about my job has unfortunately been the norm for me. And as much as I hate to acknowledge it, since I've worked in histology/pathology I've been pretty miserable on a regular basis due I think in large part to all the women I've had to work for and around, LOL!!!

So I guess with the great disappointment my jobs have been over the past few years, you'd think I'd be studying feverishly for the MCAT so I can move on to what I really want to do, but that hasn't been the case. My motivation to study has taken a great hit for many reasons, but I guess recently finishing a rigorous MS program is probably at the top of that list. Spending 8 hours a day around people with shitty attitudes is probably a close second and has had me thinking. Why is it that the best jobs I've ever had were doing things I didn't enjoy as much as pathology? Is finding a good combination between good pay, interesting work, and good people to work around just a pipe dream? Honestly, I usually end up feeling like until I finish med school, I'll NEVER find a "satisfactory" job or environment to work in because everything I do will always be a distant second to what I really want to do.

I also realize that managing people simply isn't for me because it requires far more bullshit than I can stomach. And with that comment I'll leave it at that, and simply say that my ideal job is STILL being a Clinical Associate at the NIH in the Department of Pathology. In this job, my day would be filled with reading class, attending pathology conference, consulting with other physicians, and doing research. And obviously this job has a great mix of women AND men!!!

Moving on from bitching, Thanksgiving was great and I spent it with close friends and family. I was pretty much in charge of cooking all of the food and with my deeply southern roots, that was no problem!!! I always enjoy feeding folks good ol' comfort food!!! I do plan to go home to NC for Christmas where I'm supposed to do most of the cooking again, so I'm looking forward to that as well but I'll have to think about how I can be in TN with my sister who's having major surgery and at home where I'd long ago made travel plans. Truthfully speaking, I probably won't make it to TN because I can't take the time off from my gig and during the time I do have off, other family will be in TN. And from the looks of things, the weather won't be cooperating during that time of year anyway.

Ok, I'm getting hungry and need to start breakfast, then I need to get back to the verbal MCAT passages I was doing before I wrote this post. Have a great one! :)

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