Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random tidbits!

1) I'm STILL a conservative independant, in an area where most people who look like me are Dumbocrats, LOL!!

2) I'm thinking more and more about patient care everyday, though I still plan to balance it with a research agenda too!

3) I'm working daily (during the week) on my MCAT prep.....until Christmas break where I'll likely "break" too long!

4) If my 14 year old asks me to download the 80's R&B hit "Sexual Healing" to her iPod one more time, I'm gonna scream!! Somehow I don't buy her "I promise I don't listen to the words" statement about a song like THAT!! URGH!!!

5) My knees still hurt, so I guess I'd better see my Orthopedist soon since I forgot I slipped and fell in the tub over a month ago and landed on one of them.

6) I'm having a great time in the lab these days and having all my expts work plays a HUGE part. So does an "I don't give a shit anymore" attitude about things and people I don't control.

7) I'm so glad Prez. Obama renewed the tax breaks. Doing otherwise I'm certain would have led to an economic depression.

8) I can't wait to play with the Wii we purchased for our daughter for Christmas, and I got the Zumba "game" just for me!!!

9) I was reminded the other day by the friend of a friend that I make more than some Doctors. Whatever, I'd rather be one anyway!!!!

10) That is all! :)

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