Sunday, January 23, 2011

From negative Nancy to positive Paula!!!!

Hi I'm "Paula" having recently reformed myself from being "Nancy", LOL!! It's funny how a dark cloud will stay there as long as you keep telling yourself it's there!!! These days, or maybe I should more correctly say, the past 6 months have really been "something" but I feel like I've changed in ways I couldn't have imagined before and all for the better. So I'm going to keep riding on this "positive" train as long as I can.:)

Today is a reasonable big MCAT day and I'll be taking my first test in all the subjects tested on the exam for the first time in I don't know how long, so wish me luck!!! :)


  1. Happy New Year Path!
    Let us make 2011 the year we ace the MCAT! God help us!

  2. Hi Mi! Thanks for the comment! I've really struggled to stay motivated to take the MCAT over the past few years but now I just "feel" different and far more committed about everything about it! Bring it on I say, LOL!!!!