Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And my Wii fit age is.....................................

...................83!!! YIKES!!! At least that's what it was a month ago, today I came in at age 33, the first time I scored in the 30's age bracket!!! Whew, I'm getting in better shape everyday, knees too!!

Now I know I talked recently about trying to stay positive especially when it comes to work, but after these past 2 very trying days, and me cabbage patching in my car all the way home today, I couldn't wait to fill in the latest from my "wonderful" job!!!

It's an absolutely AMAZING feeling when people, in their attempt to set you up to look bad, not only make an ass of themselves in the process, but make it crystal clear that an "alternative agenda" is at play as well. How things got to this point is the most interesting because it pretty much involves me trying to please 2 people, the PI or clients who request services and often want things done a their way, and the new path's insecurity about NOT getting tenure in her last job.....Opps I digress, her not always agreeing with what the PI wants to do. Can you say stuck between a rock and a hard place, LOL??? Needless to say, following what the PI wants or what I suggest when it's different from what she wants/suggests hasn't gone over very well, so a LOT of what I'm learning in this gig is about the politics of trying to please 2 people who sometimes have opposing views on things. I'm also learning how to deal with loud, boisterous, conversationally inconsiderate people who hate being not being in control, LOL!!! So my visual in the spirit of positivity, is me during my 3rd year IM rotation, trying to please the head nurse and my attending!! Yeah, gotta keep things in their proper context, LOL!!!

Speaking of context, my MCAT score was 21T, but I'm far from panic mode. This was the first complete test I've taken in a VERY long time, I've got many months ahead to prepare for the real thing, and at least I took the damn thing!!!

Other really great news is that the Pathology Informatics (PI) study is coming along really well. A recent convo among the experts is the issue of PHI, HIPAA, the "law", and what is and isn't PHI. I've also come to the realization that since almost ALL of my mentors are cancer folks it would be in my best interest to seriously consider getting back to cancer or at the very least, focus in Cancer informatics within my Bio/Pathology informatics training. So in addition to studying for the MCAT, I'm also currently taking an online course in Java programming. Man, I'm so excited because the possibilities in this emerging field are absolutely endless!!! There's even talk of creating a new specialty in medicine called Clinical Informatics because whether we like it or not, computers truly are the wave of the future!!!

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