Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's resolutions?

What is it about a new year that tells people they need to make new years resolutions? Well this year for the first time in I don't know how long, I've decided to make a few myself.

First, I've decided to take a GRE prep course being offered by my employer for almost nothing with the idea that I'm reconsidering ALL of my employment/career options as I stand in my life TODAY, while still keeping my eye on the prize as far as med school is concerned. I'm a little less certain about taking a course in emerging infectious diseases having completed the pathogenesis part of this course last Spring (and very much out of order). I can't decide of I'll be able to "handle" this while also preparing for the MCAT, which is still VERY much on the table (and my weekly "visits" to the clinical center at the NIH helps a LOT with helping me stay motivated). Third, I'm going to exercise EVERYday, and so far thanks to the Wii, this is no problem and a LOT of fun (I'm almost a pro in tennis)!!! Forth, we're moving to a new place sometime this Spring and this is perhaps most daunting for me. My daughter won't have to change schools (because her school is not too far from my job), but this will add ~30 mins to my commute time. We'll also have to get up ~30 mins earlier everyday and had this been the case today, it wouldn't have gone over too well, LOL!!

And my final resolution for their year is to do all of the above while being sexy, sane, and resolute, !!!!

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