Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who quits a well paying job in a recession?

A person who realizes that life is too damn short!!!!

So I resigned from my position about 4 hours after having yet another meeting where the path I worked with resorts to yelling at others when she feels her opinions aren't being accepted. But the reality is that there's was a LOT more to it than that. Truthfully speaking, that wasn't what "broke the camel's back" for me as far as this job was concerned. It was a conversation I had earlier in the week with my kid where she basically says that I've been hell to live with for about the last 7 months, which doesn't ironically coincide with the day I started this gig. Add to that the fact that I helped a close friend check their Mom in a nursing home late night on the Thursday before last, only to see the mother pass way 4 days later, and it would be an understatement to say that I've had a hellified past 3 weeks.

But the other last straw for me occurred when my Supv not only defended the path's right to yell at me during the meeting (which was so loud that SHE was told to be quiet by another PI on the floor), she basically said in was my fault the last terrorist I worked with quit in front of the entire group. Now I think I've mentioned a few times now that my department of 4 people has had almost 10 people working there in the last 3 years, and between March of last year and this March, 4 people will have left. Yeah, that ALL sounds like my fault, especially those folks who worked there before I did!!

Now my take on my Supv is that she's a management ass kissing punk, having quit her job in the midwest to move here last May so the stakes for her a VERY high as it relates to a job. But why someone would relocate their life for a temp job with a gov't contractor I guess is a reflection of the times we live in, but I certainly can't imagine EVER doing something like that myself. Whatever, DH and kid are glad I quit and in fact not one person I've talked to who knows me well thinks it was a bad idea. The fact is that this was the most stressful job I've ever had and that's just my work as both a manager and scientist. Throw in that other asinine BS I was dealing with and now you have what I call a kettle full of hot molten bull$hit, LOL!!!! And to paraphrase Hancock from the movie with the same name, when asked by Ray, why he was almost buck naked stealing ice from an ice cream truck, "my ass got to be just a little too hot", ROTFLMBAO!!!!

Moving on, I now have all the time I need plus some to prepare for the MCAT, physician shadow in the Path dept at a local med school and also at a local nursing home, and complete my computer programming/bioinformatics course until my next gig is lined up. Speaking of gigs, I think I'm going to focus on teaching at a local CC which I've said before, but now I actually have some good leads to follow up on. However, my management days are over until I find myself in a field dominated by men and luckily for me, Bioinformatics may be just the ticket!

So now, I'm off to celebrate the end of my nightmare with my family on this long weekend! :)


  1. Hi Path,

    Well congratulations! What is not meant to be is not to be. You now have more time to study for the MCAT.

  2. Thank you Mi and thanks for your support! And I do plan to make the most of the time I now have to focus on the MCAT!

  3. Hi Path,
    I'm premed (my 3rd career and 40yrs old) a mom and a wife also. You are a Real Inspiration...I have read alot of your posts and they are great....Thank God you know your worth and potential... that's right Keep moving...So glad to hear that you are also innovative in this process..That's right make it work for is possible. With your talent and experience you don't have to be acclimated to a bad situation... you are not stuck...I look forward to hearing about your next move and success of getting into med school.

  4. Thanks you so much for that njdr2b! Your message is inspirational beyond measure!

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