Saturday, February 12, 2011

Calgon, take me away!!!

I imagine some of my readers aren't old enough to remember the Calgon commercials. Calgon was a bath salt advertised in the 80's (maybe late 70's) that used to show a working woman taking a bath after a long day. But I guess these days a commercial like this may bring to mind bath salts use as a drug of choice (and the idea of smoking or snorting or whatever it is they do, bath salts seems VERY strange to a person who grew up at the beginning of the crack epidemic).

At any rate, my plan was to go away for the day today, do some shopping, stay in a fancy hotel, then come back tomorrow, but I'm so tired from this past week that I don't think I could turn the key of the ignition in my car. And what a week it was, my job is beyond stressing me the hell out and I was ready to give my speech and bounce when I decided to visit my mentor again. I gotta say it was so good to see him since we communicate on a fairly regular basis but I hadn't actually seen him in years. And once again, I was reminded not to get off track and do something crazy (his words) like quit my job without having another one in place. Of course in this economy I get it, but I spent the night before dealing with the transport of an elderly, terminally ill woman to a nursing home facility, so I got up Friday morning VERY short on patience in dealing with stupid a$$ female coworkers! Getting back to my visit, I left his place inspired to remain in the muck and mire of immaturity and unprofessionalism that is my job yet another day until I could apply to med school, so decided for the hell of it to take an MCAT exam in Chemistry on my lunch break. I got a 13 so needless to say, I was hyped when I finally did return to the lab and quickly back to being my cheerful, you can kiss my a$$ self!!!

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