Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Here we go again, yeah!

So, I found out today that I'm being considered for another fellowship at the NCI and needless to say, I'm pretty excited! It's going to involve NO lab work but will rely heavily on my research experiences in the lab and my experiences in cancer epidemiology. More than that, it will cover the entire cost of my Bioinformatics training program so I'm absolutely giddy with "joy joy" feelings!!

These days however, the prospect of this new gig is the ONLY excitement I'm dealing with because I've missed some days at work thanks to a chronic GI problem I was dx'ed with over a month ago and needless to say, my absences aren't going over very well. I'm pretty sure I vaguely mentioned something in this regard not long ago in terms of some tests I needed to have done, but I kinda get tired of hearing myself talk about my health issues. What I'm realizing with this new "problem" is something I learned as an Eastern Philosophy major, that many times we have health issues due to unnecessary stress in our lives and it's a demonstrated fact that stress exacerbates clinical symptoms in my latest health "challenge". Now I recall being able to deal quite well with unrelenting stress in the past but maybe like so many other things in life, things change as you get older. Worse for me is the fact that while the meds I take work quite well, I have some pretty bad side effects which affect my ability to work. So I hadn't been taking them as my GI Doc ordered, hence I'm sick as 15 dogs again. Yuck!

Still and I'm sure saying this sounds like a broken record, I'm determined to complete the preq courses for my informatics training program and study for the MCAT as scheduled. But clearly, I'll have to get my health act "together" ASAP, or nothing I do will matter in the long run.


  1. I hope you're doing better. Dealing with chronic health issues is so hard....

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  3. Hey Kris, I decided to come back and add a few more comments. You're absolutely correct, chronic medical conditions are hard. But the one big advantage to having up and down days is that it makes me do my best to make each day count and to give less "power" to all the superficial crap that exists around me. Of course, it also make me less tolerant of crap, so I guess I'll need to really work on that in the future!