Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Congrats! You're getting 80% of the MCAT questions correct!!!

Of course the only problem is that 80% equates to score of "11" and that's where I am now in both verbal and Bio. I'm at a "13" in my chemistry prep, so all my hard work is definitely paying off. Yep, this prep is going better than it ever has and now looking back, I can so easily see where my previous attempts at studying between 2003-2007 were a complete joke. A joke, which is reflective somewhat in my score which was in the acceptable range for some lower ranked MD and DO schools, but not acceptable enough for me. Plus I'm reminded of the problems folks in the mid-20's MCAT score range occasionally have passing the boards. Yeah I know, passing the boards is about a lot more than MCAT scores, but I'm trying to stack this thing in my favor now so I'll only be fine tuning my skills along the way.

The problem is that most nontrads don't have the luxury of being able to focus ONLY on the MCAT because our lives are much too complicated for that. But given how well I'm doing, I'd have to advise other nontrads to NOT work for at least a couple months so that you'll have one less thing of the 100 other things nontrads have to focus on at a time. Especially if the thing removed from your "plate" is a stressful job!

Man, I'm so very thankful for a supportive family right about now! :)

Edit: Everyone is supportive EXCEPT my mother, which comes as NO suprise. Details later.


  1. Congrats, path! I can't wait until you have finished your prep, taken the exam, applied, been accepted and are starting! Go, go, go!


  2. Hey Kris!! Thanks so much for your support for all these years! It REALLY means a LOT!!

  3. Great job :-). The scores are good enough to get into medical school.. now you jsut have to do them on the test.