Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm so irritated............

with the up and down roller coaster of working on verbal questions and I feel the way my "middle child" in the photo looks. I took a "half" exam and got a "5" earlier in the week, as in a F-I-V-E!!!! And none of the work I did in Ct.3 Bio fared much better with a score of "7".

So when I get in ruts like these, I know that's my clue to slow it down some and relax, so that's what I did....well, kinda. I did relax a little but I did NOT stop doing practice problems, instead I threw out my most recent strategy and set about to get yet another one. Now, I'm back to NOT reading the questions first choosing instead to write a 1 sentence summary of each paragraph's main idea as I go along. Main idea, I hadn't been "getting it" very well and that's the most critical thing to determine when doing these questions, at least I think so. I'm also still not underlining sentences in the passages, only circling "usual" words or words used in a context different from their actual meaning. And like before, tuning out what I know about a particular subject and focusing on what the author is saying is still difficult, but it's getting much better.

Better to the tune of scores of "7", "8", and today a "10". Not only that, I'm only missing one problem in most of the passages I do, however there's still one or two problems where I'll only get 2 or 3 right and that's keeping me from having a killer practice score. URGH!!!

Anyhoo, this is what I'll be working on all weekend in addition to reviewing my college Bio book, covering the material in Ct3 of my EK book.

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