Friday, July 29, 2011

Chemistry is b-e-a-utiful!!!

So in support of my daughter's “decision” to earn a BS in Geological Engineering followed by a PhD in Geology instead of pursuing a career as an Architectural Engineer, we decided to visit the Museum of Natural History in DC. Of course, much of geology as it relates to stone formation, is nothing but physics combined with plain ol' chemistry, so I had a good time trying to guess which elements created the plethora of beautiful colors we saw in the stones!
And seeing all these naturally created colors made me think about the beauty of what God has created and about pathology as well, since I get to see the same kaleidoscope of colors staining tissue too!

MCAT wise, I had another great week ending with scores of 9 PS, 11VR, and 13BS and again I want to emphasize that: 1) I haven’t yet finished reviewing everything and 2) Focusing so intensely on verbal for months early on is the reason I score so well without having reviewed all the material yet. In a nut shell, I’m perfectly on track to take and do well on my exam this September!!
That’s all for today, have a great weekend and stay cool (as in temp)!!!!

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