Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm feeling schizo lately

So I'm back to using the name Path201X because now that I'm preparing to back to work in a pathology/histology lab setting, I'm realizing just how much I really LOVE the field. And I'm VERY good at it too!

Which has me thinking of how I can combine my interest in working with patients with pathology. Then I recall that my pediatrician growing up was a DO that NEVER completed a residency, just her internship year. For clarity, I'm not talking about being able to see patients in a hospital or similar setting because that would obviously require I complete residency and get certified. I'm talking about being able to volunteer at a clinic for uninsured patients a couple times/month. Or being able to go to Costa Rica and live for a month while providing healthcare to indigent folks there. I'm thinking those type activities may not be beyond my reach if I say, complete internship year like Paths in the past were required to do (and which helps with passing step 3 IMHO), then finish a Path residency.

Here's a better question. What's the difference between a Doc who only completed their Intern year in a patient care setting, and a DNP/NP/PA? Don't they get to see patients unsupervised?

Anyhoo, just more sharing of the thoughts running through my head. Now I have to get back down to earth where I'm about to hit the MCAT Physics books!

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