Thursday, July 7, 2011

More lessons in being inspired and committed to medicine

You're a wealth of healthy information regarding this disease (breast cancer). My mother passed she had uterus cancer, my oldest sister had passed away last year battling breast cancer, my other sister survived nasopharyngeal carcinoma, my other sister found a cluster they removed last week and will be getting radiation therapy in a month. I've had my bout with CML and in complete remission. I will take heed to your 10 steps. Thank you so much! This is very good information.

These days I feel my life is one recurring message after another of how my time to matriculate into med school is drawing near and for those moments when I'm frustrated to hell and back (studying physics, of course), I get a reminder of why I need to suck it up, get the job done,and keep it moving! And the PM above did just that plus so much more.

On my facebook page, I posted 10 things I do in my life to reduce my chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer or any cancer for that matter. And yesterday, I received the above PM from Karen, one of my high school classmates regarding my post where I was shocked to learn that cancer seems to "run in her family". Which got me thinking of all the other cancers out there that aren't as hip and popular as breast cancer and this ironically, led me to read a recent post by Kris where she talks about the same thing (premed married to a Doc listed on my side bar).

I'd like to think that my research portfolio could be applicable to many different cancers and because I find apoptosis and cell signaling particular interesting, that goal probably isn't out of reach. And while there is some overlap in how some cancers behave on a molecular level, there does seems to be cancer research "preferences" that essentially boils down to which cancers can get funded. Speaking of cancer, I'll be attending the NCI Health Disparities Meeting next week primarily out of sincere and obvious interest, but also in a last ditch effort to secure a position doing cancer health disparities research. Normally, I'm very optimistic but given all the false starts I've had in this regard, I'm not anymore. It just may be that I won't get to do the kind of cancer research I'm interested in until I get "Dr" in front of my name and that's cool. That's gives me that much more motivation to get this show on the road ASAP!!!!

Speaking of becoming a Doc, my physics prep is finally starting to come together. Of course, I've had to use 2 different test prep books and a college physics text, but that's okay. I'm just thrilled to be finally slaying this beast called Physics prep! And no, I won't get the first book done by tomorrow, but I'm happy with the progress anyway!

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  1. Thanks for 'listening' to me, Path. What are your ten things? I'd love to read them!