Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You're hired!!

After almost 4 months, it looks like my days of being involuntarily unemployed are about to come to an end, with a start date for my new gig with Big Pharma tentatively set for August 6, 2011 (that's a Saturday?). And while I haven't received the official offer yet (remember NOTHING is official until you see it in writing), I'm confident I'll be signing off on this new gig very soon!

So what was the first thing I did to "celebrate"? I rescheduled my MCAT for Sept. 10, one, because I needed the extra time and two, because I wasn't going to take a day off on my new job in my first 2 weeks on the job. And despite my concerns about returning to Big Pharma, I'm thrilled to have this opportunity where so many people are either very underemployed or unemployed.

Regarding the MCAT, I had to pull out yet another Physical sciences book for clarity, this one by princeton review and NOW I can say my physics is going well AND is showing signs of consistency. So that's 3 test prep methods, EK, Princeton review, and Berkeley review needed for one d*mn subject! URGH!!! But at least I'm getting it together for what WILL be the last time!

Well, I think I'm going to celebrate with family tonight as this has been a LONG haul with MANY disappointments along the way. But I'm certain that everything I've dealt with the past 4 months or so are really just opportunities for me to toughen up to what's going to be required of me once I matriculate in Med School!

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