Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Buttocks STILL in tact!

So it's Wednesday and I'm feeling better about my new gig AKA the image in today's post! But the sad/angry face is just me getting used to working a full-time gig again. Man was I out of it, LOL!!!!As I expected, my new supervisor and I get along well so far (being fellow Chapel Hill Alumni with strong NC roots doesn't hurt), and we've already sat at the microscope together. And he's a guy, so that's 90% of the battle IMHO, LOL!!!

Turns out the interview killer had "heard through the grapevine" that I was being hired to replace her and that's why she tried to annihilate me during the interview. But that 'ish doesn't excuse her completely trashing me to the others afterwards. Hers was the ONLY vote I didn't get to be hired and maybe that's to expected given her paranoia about her job. But I also realize that's HER dumb a$$ and HER dumb 'ish, and I've got other things to focus on like achieving my personal and professional goals and objectives beginning with the MCAT next month.

Speaking of professional goals, I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick with Pathology as a professional field because after reading different blogs of Docs involved in direct patient care and doing other research, I think the stuff outside of seeing patients would work my nerves into some serious career dissatisfaction. But I also realize that I've been in the Path game since '03 so by the time I finish my training between '21-'23, I'll have a significant professional advantage that's just way too good to give up in favor of something new, however enjoyable. And the fact is that I really, really, REALLY do enjoy the field of Pathology better than anything else I've been exposed to in medicine so far. Plus I'm really good at it and it's one of the few fields where you can hone in your skills without a medical license, LOL!!!

On to the MCAT, I'm only about 70% done which means I have a LOT of work to do. So I've adopted the same mindset I'd likely have in preparing for Boards, where it seems most students only get about a month to prepare. To make sure I get everything done on time, I've set up a VERY intense schedule which pretty much takes up ALL my weekends from now until the weekend before the test, which I plan to take off. And yes, I'm confident that I'll get through the rest of it with few problems since my problems areas have been addressed and readdressed. Then addressed again, LOL!!! Once again, I'm so thankful for TBR and can't imagine what in the hell I would have done without it!!!

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