Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'll have some eggs, toast, and a side of human buttocks?

A friend of mine asked me yesterday how I feel about starting my new gig in Big Pharma on Monday and my response was a lot like Daniel felt just before he was placed in a den full of lions. Industry jobs have always been especially challenging for me because of the petty political atmosphere that seems to be par for the course in these types of places. Ironically, the one company I did have a very positive working experience with, I visited last Friday and do this about once or twice per year. And the reason I've never tried to return there to work is because while I throughly enjoyed being a Chemist, I'm not as interested in that type of work as I am in pathology type work.

I keep telling myself God has blessed me with this opportunity for some good reason, but I struggle to know now what that reason could possible be besides the obvious. What I do know and realized at the training I went to last Thursday is that if I don't identify someone who cares enough about me to be a professional mentor, I'm gonna be screwed in the long run. And that's why I go visit old work places, I was fortunate to work for and with folks who took an interest in my professional growth and development which is why I still maintain relationships with many of them today. Honestly, I feel like my new supervisor could possibly be that next mentor, at least that's what I'm hoping. The problem is that he's only been with the company for 8 months or so, and as I've observed in Industry in the past, even his DVM/PhD having self could be "done in" by the morbidly obese interview killer with the AA degree, because she's been there over 15 years.

Moving on to MCAT stuff, I got a 1 out of 7 on one of the verbal passages in a set I completed on Thursday, LOL!!! And I guess I'm able to laugh about it because that was the ONLY passage in that group I did so poorly on. But I realized that the test isn't necessarily designed for test takers to get ALL the questions right. In fact, they probably throw in these time killers to see who will be dumb enough to actually waste precious test time on ridiculously difficult to understand/answer passages. So along with all the other verbal strategies I have, I've added moving on from a super difficult passage (which is hard as heck for me to do) and coming back to it if I have time at the end.

Now for those of you who don't know how the biblical story of Daniel in the lion's den ended, let's just say that Daniel's buttocks were NOT on the menu, but that those of his enemies were. And that's an ending I can work with!

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