Sunday, August 28, 2011

Same "ish, different toilet, LOL!!

I got this quote from my niece's Facebook page (minus the explicative) and let's just say that this has been pretty characteristic of my employment situations since ~2009. In some ways, my current job is turning out to be NO exception while in others, I feel like I'm back down south again. ANYONE you see in the hallway speaks, holds doors open, ect. and this is absolutely wonderful to a Southern girl like me.

As for my job this particular week, all I have to say is this: 682 days and counting. It's still overall a great opportunity, with great pay, AMAZING benefits and I'm obviously VERY thankful. However a research job in academia would have been perfect-er especially considering I was never once accused of trying to be a Pathologist or of speaking too much in "pathology language" but alas, it appears there's something God wants me to get/learn at this phase of my life/career. And I'm guessing we're back to my elephant skin post, LOL!!! In the meantime, I need to accept that at this point NOTHING will be as acceptable to me as matriculating in med school, so I'm gonna do my best to chill out on the complaining in the future.

Back to the MCAT, I put in 11 hours yesterday and will have about the same today. My weekday schedule is going to change because my kid starts school tomorrow, so I'll have at least 6 hours/day during the week (and plenty of leftovers to go around so NO cooking during this time, LOL!!). And I'm gonna need all the time I can get as there are a few subjects I haven't covered yet, though I'm thrilled I've covered my most difficult subjects 2 and even 3 times at this point.

Again, my posts are going to be short between now and Sept. 10, but I'll try to post as often as is feasible!

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