Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I can't get NO satisfaction!!!!!

Surprise, surprise, Path's NOT happy in yet another job, LOL!!! Actually I should rephrase that (especially as I contemplate buying another car rather than a new transmission). I'm VERY blessed to make a decent wage for a company that pays well and has GREAT benefits!!! What I do for a living is 'aaight!

So it looks like my job duties are changing from Path assistant/IHC specialist to scut worker, LOL!!! Okay, it's not really that bad, but I see the handwriting on the wall with the decision to hire someone else (A Dr.) for the job I was told I was primarily hired to do!!!

No problemeo, except the "timing" is a little ironic given the fact that 4 times in the past few days, my Supv told me and I quote "You don't need to answer in this kind of detail because you're not the Pathologist/Principal Investigator on this project". In other words, YOU AINT GOT NO PHD OR MD OR DVM so stop talking like you do, LOL!!! Well that's cool except that when I present my poster before the ENTIRE company next week, I'm betting that based on my project (primarily immuno based biomarker research) that someone is going to expect me to know the difference between a T-Lymphocyte and a B-lymphocyte, between a receptor and ligand, and other things DIRECTLY related to my project. Of course since "interview killer" ALWAYS refers to him in the interpretation of path images and other "science" stuff (which I rarely do because Robbins Path and Juniqueira Histo have been my absolute best friends since 2005),now I'm supposed to do the same? Not exactly what he said he hired me for, but okay. Now the department needs to hire someone from the outside to do what I already do? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, well alrighty then!

Of course there's more to this story, but suffice it to say that I desperately miss working in an environment where I would be celebrated NOT criticized for wanting to know more and do more and actually going the extra mile (translated weekend work) to accomplish both! I miss working for people who when viewing slides with me at the microscope, saw my questions as the inquisitive nature of a person REALLY, REALLY interested in Path and not as some challenge to their own knowledge. But alas, it looks like med school will probably be the next place I experience that, though I'm VERY, VERY aware that insecure people are everywhere especially on med school's faculty (did someone say Surgeon)!!!

Now where da' hell is my MCAT score so we can expeditiously get this show on the road?!?!?!

651 days and counting!

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