Saturday, September 10, 2011

The perfect post MCAT meal.............

Ever since I can remember, the filet-o-fish had been my absolute favorite Mickey D's sandwich. So after taking the MCAT this afternoon, what did I crave despite living in an area with some of the best and finest restaurants in the world? A filet-of-fish sandwich, a small order of fries (which I NEVER eat), and a medium strawberry-bananna smoothie courtesy of McDonalds. Yummy!!

So how was my test? Well.....I really don't have any complaints and unlike the last time I took the test in 05', I wasn't interrupted during the test! In fact, after the verbal section, I almost broke out into the "cabbage patch" I was so happy with how felt I did.

Since I had done every MCAT question I'd practiced timed, I had NO problem with timing and finished each section with ~ 5 minutes to spare. The chemistry of the PS section was pretty straight forward but the physics was well, physics is not my best subject so I'll leave it at that. But I felt very well prepared thanks to TBR to make an educated guess on all the problems except 5 where I was forced to mark "C", and keep it moving. The biology related questions of the BS section were easier for me and also very straight forward which essentially translates into the fact that everything on the test I'd seen before. The organic was a lot more challenging, but I still feel pretty good about my performance on this section.

Overall, I feel pretty good about the test and think that verbal will be my highest score, followed by BS, then PS. This is a BIG change from when I previously took the MCAT and I scored the highest in the BS section.

And with that I'm going to end this post, while I enjoy spending the next few days behaving like a normal human being!


  1. Congratulations Path!

    Once you recuperate, tell us 1) how you managed to finish on time and 2) how and what you studied.

  2. Congratulations! I know you are glad this is finally over.

  3. You are a true winner..Im glad your experience was satisfying....That's wonderful....Now, you can began your quest to gain admission this next application season....WAY TO GO...

  4. Thank you everyone! I'm happy to say that all my hard work paid off!