Sunday, September 4, 2011

X marks the spot!!!

I know I said I was gonna stop complaining about my job and I am. So I'm just going to share a few work related tales, every now and then, LOL!!!

Why would a person who clearly isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, try to call me out during journal club, LOL??? First, I'd never worked a place outside of Academia that even does journal club so when I found out about it, I was thrilled! And ironically for my first journal club it was my coworker, the interviewer killer's time to present. Now this is a woman who has been working in Histology for 30 years, but can't for the life of her read a slide ( a situation I obviously find incomprehensible, LOL!!). So when it comes time for her to talk about the slides from her article, she passes that on to our Supv who is a Vet Path. So as he's talking about the slides, when she interrupts him to ask me what I thought about the images. BAD IDEA ON HER PART if her goal was to put me on the spot, LOL!!! See when I go to journal club, I prepare as if I'm doing the presenting because that's how I roll. So I tell everyone what I think including referencing another disease (we were looking at granulomas in the lung of a patient with a rare fungal infection found in tropical areas and I mentioned that it clinically presented like a case of TB). Now if she had asked any of the other 2 people in our group who were there what their thoughts were, my red flag of "is these heffa trying to be funny" probably wouldn't have been wildly flapping in the wind, but since she didn't, it did flap. Wildly, LOL!!! So the meeting ends with me and all the other Scientist talking science and every now and then she pipes in with something that I'm still trying to figure out how it relates the paper or what we were talking about. Now I know how she felt being in a room where most of the people are smarter than you are because that's what I happily experienced when I was a predoc fellow in the pathology department at the NIH. And I LOVED it, because I LOVE learning new things. One thing I NEVER did do there was say something just to make myself look smart because in that setting, that just would have been plain stupid. In fact, I was VERY careful when I did speak up because the Chief Path would not have a problem checking you if you said something crazy (and let's face it, life saving Dx's were on the line there so NO room for foolishness). But obviously not everyone gets the memo that sometimes is just better to just shut up and listen.

At any rate, I wonder if she'll "come at me again" with a non-question, question and honestly, it really doesn't matter if she does or not. Either way, you KNOW I'll be prepared just like last time. In other words, pimp me baby, I'll be your 'ho, LOL!!!!

Moving on to the MCAT, everything is everything as they say and from now until the exam, my biggest focus will be keeping my nerves under control. And that's gonna be a TALL order!!!

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