Saturday, October 15, 2011

A beautiful day in DC!!!!!

Today my daughter and I visited the MLK memorial and what a beautiful day it was to do a little sightseeing in DC! Traffic to the site was a nightmare (as usual) but we managed to walk about 1.5 miles during our visit, with me in 2.5 inch boots! We took a moment to sit close to the MLK statue where we took this picture, and to reflect on a man that only lived to be 39 years old, but made such tremendous contributions to the civil rights movement. And it was emotional to reflect on the fact that he essentially gave his life so that I may have an opportunity to be the most educated Black person I know degree wise, LOL!!!

So how has my week been post MCAT scores? Pretty exciting I've gotten some great feedback for admissions to MD programs but some not so great news as it relates to the MD/PhD. In other words, it's been suggested by one med school dean that I retake the MCAT to get a score competitive for MD/PhD admissions, to which I immediately reply (to myself), hell-to-da-naw!!! The problem with my score besides the fact that I already know it's NOT competitive for MD/PhD programs, is that it's in that range where it's FAR more likely my scores going down rather than up if I retake, and the question I ask myself is, do I really need to push my luck? Honestly, I think we already know the answer to that. I'll just have to get more creative to do both degree programs, like applying separately to both while informing each program of my ultimate plans. And since I already know I can get NIH money to fund the combined program, I have a hard time believing a program would say no, though I also know they may believe I'm hedging my bets in case I don't get admitted to med school. However, after 6 years of talking about MD/PhD I think it's safe to say that I'm committed to both programs even though I'm 45 years old. And as I've said many, many times before, it's well past time for me to stop listening to folks who don't support my ultimate plan, however foolish they think it is.

On to work, my job situation is as tenuous as ever as the interview killer tries more creative ways of trying to make me look bad in from of our Supv. And I won't bore you with the details, suffice it to say that the only person she's really hurting is her big a** self! I also had my 60 day review and it was perfect, I'm very pleased. However I'm EXTREMELY disappointed in his decision to hire a PhD trained in pathology methods. When I was interviewed and up until about a month ago, I was told that I would do a lot of what they are looking for this PhD to do. And because he purposely added the stipulation that a PhD has to fill it, my personal take is that the opportunity to accuse me of trying "to be the pathologist/PI" on the project is slowly coming to an end. Now for what they're paying me, you'd think I'd be okay with this but I'm not. He's introducing another person to the group who I'll have to answer to about how I plan/execute my experiments and I'm "not feeling" that in the least. At this stage of my career, I'm used to people trusting my expertise, irrespective of education level. I'm also very concerned about working with another woman for reasons you can read about on previous posts, LOL!!! But mainly, I've invested over 150K in my education and I really like to use it! So this means that I'm on the hunt again, since I'd never be satisfied in a position where I don't get to use my brain a lot no matter how much they're paying me!

That said, this latest job situation has made me much more determined to return to school ASAP so that I won't ever again NOT be able to have a job I want because I don't have enough education!


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