Sunday, October 16, 2011

Going back to Cali?

Most folks who know me don't know I'm originally from Cali because I lost that Cali flavor the moment the plane landed hot, humid Florida in the mid 70's. My parents are both 60's grads of UC-Berkeley, so the unspoken rule when I finished high school, was that I was to attend Stanford (which neither could afford to attend).

So imagine their disappointment when I not only matriculated at a barely known southern state university but proceeded to flunk out 3 years later. His statement to me and I quote was "You only attended University of ???, so how did you manage to flunk out"?. My Mom followed suit with "we could have sent the dog to flunk out of college", so needless to say maybe it all makes perfect sense why I'm partially obsessed with post high school education, LOL!!!

Anyhoo, right around the time my kid decided that she wanted to study geology/earthquake engineering, she did some research and found that the obvious best place in perhaps the world to study such a subject is Cali. For her though, it's USC she's interested in which is the strangest coincidence in the world! Once upon a time I also wanted to attend USC just to be in their band (and get a great education too), but it's a fact VERY few people know! And one I'd never shared with her. And in probably NO coincidence, her best friend also wants to attend USC and has wanted to do so for almost as long as I've known her.

Now every premed in the world knows getting admitted to a state school in Cali is hard, the hardest in the US! But I haven't rested my goals with MD programs in Cali, I'm also interested in DO programs too which are likely just as competitive.

At any rate, in the days since I've received my scores, I've opened my mind to the possibility of attending ANY school in the US and have narrowed down my places to apply to those on the coasts only. I've got a new found interest in beaches and it's simply something I'm not willing to compromise on at all. And hopefully, I won't have to as there are plenty of schools in all 3 tiers located near the ocean.

My daughter, the lover of 80's music that she is, has been singing the song in this post for the past couple days. The question is, is she trying to tell me something, LOL????

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