Sunday, December 4, 2011


The absolute BEST word to decribe my leaning toward repeating the MCAT next spring when I have a perfectly decent enough score. But: 1) It's NOT decent enough for all the MD/PhD programs which are among my target schools, and yes I know my extensive research background and couple of pubs will probably more than compensate, and 2) I'm already reviewing all the critical areas on the exam in preparation for tutoring/teaching, so I figure I may as well give it a shot.

Which leads me to the following video which sums it all pretty well:


  1. No. That's that. No more perseverating. You and I are not 30 anymore. You've already conquered the beast multiple times. You don't need an MD/PhD to run a research lab ... many MDs do it on their own. At this point, my friend, your indecision is going to become a decision.


  2. WOW!! Just what I needed, a reader to put me in my place, lol!!! Thanks for being a true friend even if it is through the net and from couple hundred miles away!

  3. STOP....PLEASE...STOP....

    For real...what are you afraid of? For real?