Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Words...................

So when I came home today, there was a letter waiting for me on the dining room table. Now I'd received a letter from them before a little over 10 years ago, so I immediately recognized it. I then proceeded to do the cabbage patch, almost on top of the table, LOL!!!

When I took the MCAT this past Septmeber, I registered with a service called Med-Mar, which complies basic information about URM applicants to med schools, to send to those looking to increase urm enrollment at their schools. Now I've taking the MCAT many times, but this is only the second letter I've received from Harvard.

So does this mean I'm going to apply to Harvard? I'd have to really give that some thought. I'm concerned about my age, though I was specifically told by an MD/PhD graduate from my last gig that there was someone my age in HIS class, a few years ago. I'm also concerned about living in Boston since I hear the city is one of the most racially polarized in the US. What I am going to do and have ALWAYS planned to do, was an away rotation at one of the Harvard institutions in the Pathology department.

Speaking of pathology, I'm back on that kick again, probably permanently. Again, LOL!!! I realized after reading and rereading comments on this blog that I should stick with what I know best and am good at. And the fact that I enjoy it is simply an added plus! So I'm back to being Path201X in mind and soul.............though I'd never really changed from it, LOL!!!


  1. WOOOWWWW!!!!!
    I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU RIGHT NOW I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO........I hope I communicate this correctly. PLEASE APPLY... I can't wait to hear about the experience. God knows exactly what he has planned.

    P.S. - One of my childhood friends is the former Boston, ADA . Jamaican, her dad is the chief trauma surgeon in a NJ hospital and her brother is also an attorney in NJ and was the ADA in a NJ town. SO I SAY----GO FORWARD.......GOD OPENS THE DOOR THAT NO MAN CAN SHUT.....Luv yah sistahfutureDr.....

  2. Thanks njdr2b! Much love back atcha'!

  3. Congratulations Path! That is a GREAT encouragement. Going to HMS would be awesome.