Saturday, December 17, 2011

DUI + Med school?????

So yesterday, I was in court as a witness in a hit and run accident (I was hit by a beat down 1980's Honda a few months ago, who then tried to leave the scene by out running my then sports sedan. DUMMY!!). Well I got his license tag number and called the police right afterwards. Luckily there was only minor cosmetic damage just under my passenger rear view mirror so I didn't even bother to get it repaired.

Unfortunately the person who owned the car was not the driver and despite me giving my insurance company, his insurance company, the cops and the DA a very detailed descrption of the middle aged person driving the car when I was hit, it was a man who had to be as old as Moses who showed up in court as the owner of the car. Of course, this meant that I couldn't ID the old man as the driver of the car so the case was dismissed!!! Needless to say I was mad as hell because I had to take an entire day off work for a case the Cop and DA screwed up royally! But since I got less than I should have on my trade and because this old weasel tried to sue MY insurance company for damage done to HIS jacked up ride, I'm seriously considering filing a civil suit soon for the decrease in value I got for my car when I traded it in.

Anyoo, while I'm waiting for the case to begin, there was a case (of the many, d@mn is anyone sober in metro DC) of a guy arrested for DUI, he failed the field sobriety test, the blood test, and every other test they give you to determine his blood alcohol level. So his slick ass Lawyer basically begs the judge to give him unsupervised probation so he can return to med school at AUC. Turns out this guy was a graduate of UMBC, earned an MS at Hopkins, but obviously couldn't get into any US med school, so he headed for the Caribbean. So I guess to celebrate his leaving for med school, he decides to party and get drunk, then get behind the wheel of a car the day before he's to fly out of the country for med school.

Now I don't know what the "rules" are when it comes to things like this but what I do know is that drunk driving can't foretell a very bright future in the medical profession. I also think he should have been kicked out of med school, NO questions asked, but I'm guessing they probably don't know (how many schools do background checks AFTER a person matriculates?)

So tell me, what do you think? And how would you feel about having a Doc that had been arrested for drunk driving?


  1. It shows a horrible lack of judgement. I wonder what this student's school's honor code says about felonies/misdemeanors committed while someone is a student there.

  2. That's horrible...Im glad you are okay....Sounds like another case like Conrad Murray..poor judgement....If this did not scare him strait...there will be more things like this in his future...I only pray that no one life is the result of his poor judgement...YICKS....