Sunday, January 15, 2012

The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line

Yeah, yeah, I KNOW that, but for some reason (me), it's never really worked out that way, LOL!!!

I was warned earlier today by a friend that I was in danger of having too much on my plate. Again, like I really need that in my life these days. But the fact is that the changes at the job I thought I would have until I was ready to start med school, have discombobulated (Ebonics word) my "plans". Starting with 2 of the 3 part-time gigs I was considering, one tutoring minority/disadvantaged kids after school and 2) teaching at a local CC, it's quite obvious NEITHER of those are going to work because I no longer have a flexible work schedule. Luckily for me I plan to the nth degree, so it looks like my plan #3 to work PRN in a hospital Path lab on weekends is the new plan "A" for a second gig.

But when put together with my plan to come out of the "research" lab I currently work in, which is now becoming more like mindless work on a factor floor assembly line (Dr. Insecure's idea unfortunately), it makes perfect sense.

Meanwhile, my Perl and R-stats classes are getting easier and more interesting and every day, I understand the articles published in my new favorite publication, the Journal of Cancer Informatics, better than I did the day before. The down side, my butt hurts from sitting so much so I'm thinking about investing in one of those standing desks. Interestingly but not ironically, the fact that I'm pretty tired when I get home, yet manage to get on my school work rather quickly and easily, working until 10 or 11 at night, means we're eating a LOT of leftovers these days! And that seeing other people get arbitrarily laid off, has lit a fire under my arse!

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