Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pearls of wisdom

So earlier this week, I started a new programming course called Perl even though I haven't finished the Java programming course I started last summer. Why? Because I don't need no freakin' Java! Okay, so it's going to help a little that I'm "familiar" with Java but Bioinformaticians (which I'm not so sure I want to be), usually use Perl or Python to analyze data from databases like Entrez Gene or OMIM. Of course, the very first problem I realized is that Mac OS already comes with Perl, but because I was being CHEAP and got a Sony Viao instead, I had to "suffer" through figuring out how to get my PC to run the software (and yeah, I barely understand what I just said too, LOL!!). Luckily, it only took me 3 days to upload the right software and run my first script, "hello world".

I also feel like I've come to the permanent realization that I'd prefer to spend the time between now and medical school doing Bioinformatics and NOT in a lab. More than that, I realize that the reason is primarily because I'm sick and tired of the political BS games people, especially those in big pharma, like to play. But then anyone reading this probably isn't surprised to hear that since I've consistently complained about the "politics" of corporate employment for years! But it's not just politics, it seems many companies are taking advantage of their employees during these hard times because they know so many people need jobs! For example, the insecure Vice prez/PhD that accused me of being defensive when I defended my poster and who was responsible for my Supv's Supv getting laid off, has now implemented mandatory work hours for folks who largely do in vivo work. Now how STUPID is that? So if you have to dose an animal at 4 AM, you must STILL leave work no earlier than 4 PM, even if you're already on target to get your 40 hours in for the week. In other words, we want your a** to work for free!!! WTH, welcome to the world of working in a depression! So, I easily recognize that I may not survive the next round of layoffs which I heard are coming in March which is review time, so I've started preparing accordingly which included applying to a few positions last week.

And along those same lines, I'm specifically targeting a number of government sponsored fellowships in the hopes of finding one that will allow me to throw my deuces sign up by early summer and give me that hands on Bioinformatics experience I so desperately want. I'm also looking at internships with local companies that do bioinformatics, but those for whatever reason, are a little harder to come by. So I’ve decided that it's time for me to leverage being an Alumnus of numerous schools to see what I can find, since being a G'town alum in particular, seems to open a LOT of doors especially in Metro DC. Ultimately, I'd like to telecommute/work from home a few days per week just to get myself out of the "play politics" rule that seems to run local jobs. But if that doesn't happen, I'd be perfectly happy working around a lot of smart, educated, SECURE, individuals who's interest in their jobs go well beyond getting a paycheck every 2 weeks.

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