Friday, February 10, 2012

Ubuntu....................ub who?

The African name given to what I think is the best OS in the world, Ubuntu means "humanity for others". It's commonly used to run programs that require a LINUX/UNIX environment which you're likely unknowingly using when you use your cell phone! Anyhoo, learning to use programs like Perl in Ubuntu is this weekends challenge and later I'll move on to other programs which preferably run in Ubuntu (Perl isn't one of those, thank goodness because most folks are either using Mac OS or Windows). In the meantime, I feel myself morphing into a super geek since that's how most people tend to see people who work extensively with computers.

Other than that, this was yet another challenging week for me health wise as I was out 2 days. So I'll have to think, in conjunction with my Doctors, about a plan moving forward with the knowledge that another surgical procedure is highly likely.

Moving on from that, I did apply for 2 gigs in Bioinformatics this week, one of them in the Bioinformatics dept at the university where I'll continue studies this fall. And I hope that one comes through, even though I hear the PI is tough. The thing is that tough I can deal with, asinine as in what I've been dealing with for the last 4 or so years is a different and intolerable story. So when people talk about how "tough" a PI is, that usually means they expect their subordinates to work VERY hard and long and get the work done yesterday. I say bring it, that's right up my professional alley!

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