Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ducolax, Ex Lax, or Miralax??

2 of 3 please, LOL!!!! So anyone who's had a colonoscopy is FULLY aware of the prep needed for the procedure which typically encompasses 2 of these 3 laxative medications, so I'll spare you the details of exactly how that experience went. Suffice it to say that not only had I not eaten a thing in almost 48 hours (what da' hell was I thinking when I scheduled it for 1:00 in the PM??),I didn't get one wink of sleep last night because I was "busy" doing other things, LOL!!! And the funny thing is that I couldn't stop laughing about it until it was time to go to the facility where I was having the procedure. Then I started thinking about all the symptoms I'd had over the past year and the fact that my Dad died from colon and prostate cancer in 2001. Long story short, my colon looks good but the junction between my stomach and esophagus does not, so I'll be on yet another medication for acid reflux, which I didn't know I had in the first place.

In other happenings, I took my kid to the dentist and was called a coward for letting MY fear of dentists (and her last BAD interaction with one) cause me to let more than one year go by before her next appointment with the Dentist. And now she has her very first cavity at the age of 15. Okay, I guess I get the bad Mom award, but I really like her ol' school, white male, white haired Dentist who had no problems lecturing me on the importance of maintaining good oral care. Point taken, Doc. K!!!

Speaking of cowards, looks like my out spokeness may have ruffled the prim and proper feathers of yet another member of a premed web site I frequent, this one for women. Interesting theme I notice from some women whom I usually classify as "entitled", a little heated debate causes them to "run for the hills", LOL!!! Well as the young kids say, "don't start nothin', won't be nothin'", especially when you're implying something as stupid as young medical students learn better than older ones, and that anyone over age >25 is OLD for a med student! Yeah, that's gonna rub me the wrong way EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!!


  1. I don't feel entitled to anything, actually. But when I am on a web forum where I sometimes feel belittled, I think it is reasonable to make the decision to leave.

    This was not the first time I felt bullied by your comments, which is very interesting to me, because generally I am very comfortable with conflict and debate.

    What you refer to as "heated debate" on that other site, is actually mockery and snarkiness on your part.

    (FYI, I come from a working class family, went to a public commuter university, and worked 30 hours a week during college as a housecleaner and medical assistant. I paid for medical school through loans.)

    Well, anyway, good luck with your journey into medical school. I wish you the best, I really do.

    1. Thanks for you comment, my only wish is that you'd have contacted me when you felt slighted.

      My experiences on the web are a lot like real life, I go through a range of emotions when getting into controversial conversations with people, especially strangers. But IMHO, to characterize my comments in that particular post as "bullying" left me feeling like you felt entitled to say whatever you pleased without being challenged on it, when that's what a LOT of discussions on the web are all about.

      It was never my intention to offend you or anyone else, but just like you have the right to say and express yourself is a way that's fitting to YOU, I have that EXACT same right. And that's the part I think gets lost in translation especially on sites frequented by women who are often too emotional IMHO. Many times I just end up wishing most of the people I interact with on the net could walk a month in MY shoes if for no other reason than to understand where I'm coming from because many of y'all just don't "get it". In other words, you'll never understand why comments like "any age over 25 is too old for med school" and "younger people learn better than older students" are especially hurtful to a middle aged Black woman with good grades and MCAT's because you have NO IDEA how it feels to have your goals and dreams shut down because of who YOU are MOST OF YOUR ADULT LIFE!!!! Now at middle age with a solid application, I'm hearing the same ol' BS I've ALWAYS heard, now some folks are trying to use "new" excuses like age and thus learning capacity being significantly diminished and now that's the reason I shouldn't be accepted to med school. And if adcoms weren't reading crap like that, I wouldn't worry, but many are from what I understand. So I'll concede that some of my comments were snarky, but bully like they absolutely were NOT.

      Thanks for the well wishes for my future and I sincerely wish you the same!