Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lazy blogger these days

So I've been in a bit of a funk (again) lately, a combo of medical issues, mothering a 15 year old, and working with a mean arse cow. But as usual, I'm doing the best I can to make it all work.

Next week is a SUPER medical issue week, since I'm having my first colonoscopy, an exam I've put off since I was 40 which was the recommended time I start given my paternal history of cancer and the fact that my Dad died from colon cancer. That rather unpleasant event is going to be followed by a MRI on an area of my body a part-time female surgeon screwed up 8 years ago (and perhaps now my disdain for part-time surgeons is understandable). In between all that, I get to go work on a job with a person who will likely go down in my professional history as being the most mean spirited b*tch I've worked with ever. So to cope, I keep telling myself there's a "bigger lesson" to be learned here, but now that my kid is telling me that she's starting to see some similarities in how I am at home with how I was when I worked with the raggedy mouth screaming Vet, I KNOW it's in my best long term personal and health interest to start looking for a new gig ASAP!

The question is, what in the heck am I gonna do? I could try to transfer to another department at my current company but I KNOW my current Supv is NEVER going to approve that because I'm too valuable to my group. I like the autonomy and ability to work from Starbucks a job in Bioinformatics could give me, but I'd miss working around NICE people too. Plus, my Bioinformatics stuff is on hiatus until at least the Summer, and all that means is that I only do one lecture/week instead of 3-5 (you KNOW I can't stay away from school too long, LOL). I'd also LOVE 5-10 hour/week medical assistant job as a side gig, but in metro DC those tend to require certification. I'm going to give this some more serious pursuit since I keep finding myself having this exact same thought process.

In other news, my daughter and I visited the Native American Museum in Metro DC yesterday and had a GREAT time exploring this other part of our heritage (I may have previously mentioned that I have Cherokee ancestors, while my daughter has both Cherokee and Seminole ancestors). It's a beautiful building and the weather yesterday was perfect for a visit, but I was VERY disappointed in the number of exhibits they had regarding the Cherokees. We did purchased a few items for the gift shop, had cool drink, watched a tribal dance, and just sat, it's such a wonderfully spiritual place!

The prints shown in this post are by a Native American artist by the name of Tony Abeyta. Aren't they beautiful??

PS- with each passing day I am so feeling NOT going into the field of Pathology, opting instead for a speciality in Internal Medicine, or being an Internist/Hospitalist. Details in my next post, LOL!!!

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